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Today, I had the chance to visit the students from Mariano Moreno School from Villa María del Río Seco along with Soaring Argentina representatives, and young players and a coach from the local rugby team Los Baguales. A clown came with us. We were all united in our goal: making these little ones have a good time, sharing dental health advice and the value of sports, and the most important of all, SMILE together. 

The visit started with card games about cleaning teeth techniques, which involved painting and connecting dots. We also took the time to speak about rugby (an unknown sport for these kids, who are only used to playing with a ball in a field of beaten hearth). We took some time to go outside, and actually play with them. What can I say, you can feel your heart beating strong when they laugh. 

Then it was the time to have fun. Who could ever imagine that a 10 years old boy or girl has never seen a clown? This is when the magic occurred. Our blurry eyes watching the kids jumping from the floor, as the performer transformed the class into a music show involving jokes and magic tricks. He made them sing, jump, even shout, finishing with a clear message: "Don´t let anyone tell you what you are going to be in the future, just follow your dreams always."

On our way back home, I was taking a glance at the usually tough athletes who were moved to tears, deep in thought while they looked at the landscape. I knew the mission was again complete. Soaring Argentina gave a community in need the chance to LEARN, EXPERIENCE, and LAUGH. We got to GIVE, RECEIVE and get HUGS. Thank you again for an outstanding experience.

Juan Emiliano Olivera


A unique experience with Soaring Argentina


It was a unique experience, something I’ve never done before. I think it was a great one!

I wanted to send you some words about the mission we did with the people from Pointer and Soaring last week. Honestly, I now feel very impressed. It was a unique experience, something I’ve never done before. I think it was a great one! 

See the desire of the kids to study, missing so many things. The teachers, I was very surprised, the passion of each teacher, as they maintain the school, the garden that Soaring did with Pointer. Honestly, this is very impressive. I repeat, a unique experience. The fellowship with the boys of the company, also wonderful. I liked going to help, I loved it. It felt very personal. The love of the kids after seeing us arrive. As they told us their way of living, the quality of life they have there.

While these are sad and moving stories, they are also good stories to tell. The trip was something impressive for me because it was very unique in my life. I had never done it, although in my town we do things for neighbors who are in need, we had never done anything for children and this really filled me with joy and I felt very proud to have done it.

I feel grateful for Soaring and Pablo who gave me the opportunity to participate in this trip. I would love to repeat it millions of times because I really like collaborating, helping, and being with the kids, knowing all lives remind me of my past, my childhood in my humble town.

Count on me for any event of Soaring or donation related.

Thanks again for letting me participate!


Miguel Palomeque 


Field Assistance 


Visiting the kids one more time


Sharing this experience with new Pointer partners!

Like every other Soaring Mission, we started very early in the morning. We were divided into two groups. Group number one departure from our office located in Jesús María. Group number 2 departure from la Loma Lodge in Totoral; They were in charge of getting all supplies and donations into de vans. 

As I mentioned before, it is not my first experience with Soaring Argentina, but every mission is different and I enjoy myself very much being part of them. I was very happy to be part of this mission because new partners were coming for the first time: Bartolomé, Maggie, Augusto, Miguel, and Emiliano were joining us for the first time! 

It is very nice to share this kind of experience with your friends! Bartolomé and Maggie are part of our office staff, Augusto assists our clients at the lodges, Miguel is part of the field staff and Emiliano is a friend of the company. He actually works as a dentist and is helping some of our Pointer members with buccal health. 

Our final destination was Las Salinas, cruz del eje. 
Taking Emiliano on a mission was very fulfilled because not everybody in that area knows or understands how important it is to brush our teeth every day. He taught to kids and teachers the correct way of doing it and tried to explain in a very simple way the advantages of doing this on a daily basis. 

Apart from visiting the kids and teachers, what I really like most about this program, is the amazing teamwork of everybody. How people help each other in order to be proactive and make all of this happen. When everybody pulls in the same direction, great things can happen! At Soaring Argentina you can see this in every mission.  

I went back home and realized, one more time, how important it is to be thankful for everything we have.

Federico Silva 


My first Soaring mission.



It was my first time on a soaring mission. The experience was really incredible, something I did not imagine.

Today we toured 3 different schools in the north area of the province of Córdoba, along with 10 boys that work in different areas at pointer outfitters!


The first school we went to was a very small school, with just 1 classroom, a kitchen, and 1 bathroom.  Only 3 children attended class there, their mothers accompanied them every day with a teacher who drives 60 kilometers every day to teach.


The kids were very grateful for our help and presence, they were also instructed by a dentist doing oral care, along with this we gave them a dental care kit.


The second school was much bigger than the first one, it had 15 students of different ages, they ate there every day. They were very happy with the slippers we gave them.

The kids gave us some drawings for Wayne!

We took some pictures and spent a few moments trying on the shoes we gave them!


The third and final school was a little further away, it had only 5 students who were super affectionate and friendly!  They were very happy with us! We played with them for a long time, we gave them school supplies and we shared with them the food we brought for them at noon, they were happy!

We gave them our soaring caps and we took some pictures!


At the end of the morning, we joined a humble house that received the whole soaring team for lunch!

Bartolomé Luna

Pointer Outfitters


Sharing some time with little friends



On November 8th I woke up very early in the morning and join my partners at La Loma Lodge, Totoral. It is a 30 minutes ride from the office. I was ready for my first Soaring Mission! At La Loma Lodge we carry all donations and supplies in both cars and started the journey. 

The journey was long. We were one hour and 40 minutes away from the first school and we were visiting 3 that day. It was a sunny, beautiful day. The north area of Cordoba is very dry, warm and dusty. Everything went fine when suddenly a tire broke. We had a new one so we could make the change in a few minutes and go on with the trip. 

At 9 am we arrived at the first school. It was a small building located in El Molino, with 3 students. Their teacher was a very nice lady who welcomed us at the main door. We took all the supplies inside and show everybody what we took. The kids were working on their classrooms and join us for a picture. The teacher told us she was very happy with the institution, kids assist class every day no matter the weather, how much they need to walk or what they had for dinner last night. We encourage her to keep on working that way!   

After having a small conversation with everybody in El Molino, we went back to the vans and continued our journey. Before arriving at the second school we picked up Mr.Mario. Mario is a local neighbor from the area, he knows everybody and was our guide for the rest of the day. It was very nice getting to know Mario, he taught us how people live in that area, their activities, the farming, the distance between one and other, and lots of other interesting things! 
After driving for some extra 40 minutes we arrived at our second destination. This school is located in Esquina de Alambre and it has 28 kids. They are like family for us (Soaring Argentina) because we already been there a few times! They were so happy to see us again. We greeted Anabella, de teacher in charge and she kindly invited us in. We took all the boxes inside, we had clothes, shoes, underwear, school supplies, and toys. That same day one of the little girls was having her birthday so we all sang "the happy birthday" song to her. She was delighted! The school is a nice, small building with a football court and an orchard. 

Following Mario's instructions, we finally arrived to Las Ollas were the third and last school was located. It had only 2 students. Everybody welcome us very nicely! The teacher and students were very happy to see as, and so were we. The teacher told us she has to travel lots of kilometers to attend school every day. Her testimony was very inspiring. She spread plenty of good and positive energy! 
After greeting everybody we went back to Mario's house for lunch and ready to start our trip back home. 

This experience was fulfilled with joy and happiness. I wish everybody can do at least one Soaring mission in life! Thank you for letting me be part of it.  

Sofia Van Thienen
Big Game Department 


Visiting schools in northern Cordoba


Every hug and every smile we received when we arrived at the schools was what gave us happiness and a deep commitment to this beautiful program.

On November 5th we visited 3 schools in northern Cordoba to deliver all the donations we were able to collect in the last months.

We left very early to arrive on schedule while the children attended their classes. We were all very excited about this mission since for many of us it would be the first time we do this activity.

What we brought and distributed this day was clothes, school supplies, toothbrushes, and mouthwash. The dentist Emiliano Olivera accompanied us and told the children how important it is to brush their teeth every day and after each meal. He also explained how it is the most useful technique to brush and remove all dirt from the teeth.

The first school we visited is called Bernardino Rivadavia. There, only 4 very intelligent and respectful students attend. The values ​​and principles transmitted by both parents and teachers make them treasure what little they have.

In this program, we don't just deliver packages and leave. We like to know how the children are, how they live and we want them to receive all the love we can give them.

We asked Fabricio, the teacher, what the children needed at school as well as school supplies and he told us that there are no professionals who can teach them English, music, art or sports. It is difficult for a child to discover their skills if they do not have specialized teachers.

He also told us how difficult it is to go to schools from his city to the town, the distance is very long and the roads are dirt and with many wells generally. However, that does not prevent him from teaching and the vocation he feels for these children is much bigger.

In the second school (Miguel de Azcuenaga) 24 children were waiting for us. Everyone ran to the door to greet us when we arrived and showed us what they were studying: math.

When we showed them the slippers that we had brought as a gift, everyone started trying them on with a huge smile on their little faces.

The teachers told us that the government does not help them as much as nonprofit companies. That is why they are eternally grateful and feel blessed for our help. That is something that encourages us to continue helping and summoning more people to this program.

In the last school (Olegario Rodriguez) 4 children welcomed us very happy and told us everything they did at school. Diego, one of the students is 4 years old and loves to paint. The teacher showed us all her paintings from the beginning of classes until nowadays. This child, in addition to showing great progress in such a short time, has the ability to express his feelings on paper. We may be talking about a new great artist ...

The students remembered the last time Wayne visited them and decided to give him a very special gift: letters and drawings of thanks for his hard work and vocation.

Every hug and every smile we received when we arrived at the schools was what gave us happiness and a deep commitment to this beautiful program.


Soaring Argentina.

Magui Benedetto

Travel and Leisure Pointer Outfitters




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